We’re in this league and we’re here to do greatness, by the end of the day they’ll remember our faces!

The title of this post is a quote by STAR student Malik Cain who got the team to chant it at their games.BCCP@STAR recently played Walt Whitman IS246 in the last game of the regular season of the NIKE League. Students received free shirts and shoes from Nike and played a four game season.

BCCP started off sluggish but came on in the second half to take the lead. With only seven seconds left a Walt Whitman player was fouled and made one shot at the foul line to tie the score in regulation. In overtime, BCCP again took the lead on two clutch free throws by Chance McQuackin. But with five seconds left, a Walt Whitman guard heaved a last second shot from half court to put them in front for good. Heart broken BCCP@STAR took solace in that they still made the play-offs. Rolanda “Coach, put me back in” Robinson lead all scorers with 12. Go STAR!