Video Gaming

Video Gaming is a primarily student led activity facilitated by Mr. Arkadiusz.  Each session consists of Arcade Time where 2 roles are fulfilled by the students: Host and Order Keeper.  The host navigates the game through the menus, the settings, and assists new players.  The order keeper keeps track of who wants to play, who is playing, and who’s turn is upcoming.  Before Arcade time begins, the students decide which games to play for the day, either through discussion and/or voting.  Mr. Arkadiusz purposely removes himself during this time, even if conflict arises to allow the young people to practice resolving issues on their own, especially, the hosts and order keepers.  The adult facilitator only steps in if absolutely necessary. 


Second part of the activity consists of a facilitated lesson that ties together Social Justice and Media.  Every lesson begins with a student leading the group through a mindfulness/grounding activity called S.T.O.P.(Stop what you’re doing, Take a breath or few, Observe your thoughts, emotions, and surroundings, and Proceed to the lesson)

This previous semester the focus has been Critical Thinking and Media Literacy.Young People analysed and explored video games of their interest in a critical way.  We discussed race, class, and gender representation in the media.  We also completed activities and studied with The Black Lives Matter At School Booklet. We also go on Video Gaming related trips ! Last semester we visited Sony Square in Manhattan and this semester we attended Winter Play, an indy video gaming conference at Microsoft by Times Square.