Vanesha Promaphil “The Wedding Planner”



For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing an internship with a wonderful event planner named Debbie Lewis. When I first met her for my interview I was really shy. I couldn’t even make eye contact with her, to be honest, but she thought that was cute. Thank goodness. After meeting up with her a couple of times I slowly began to become a lot more comfortable. At first, the things I did were kind of boring, like signing guests in or organizing Debbie’s connections. March 23rd was my first time doing something hands-on and it gradually progressed from there.

During this process, I’ve experienced what it’s like to be an event planner. Many people think it’s easy but the truth is, it isn’t. It takes a lot of patience, and you must have a keen eye for little details to make sure everything is perfect for paying customers. The very first thing I learned to do was how to insert all types of different information on google sheets. One thing I’m proud of that Debbie said I mastered is creating floral backdrops. Floral backdrops are backdrops people use as decor and to take pictures in front of. Floral ones are just backdrops that are covered in flowers either real or fake in a specific pattern and are simply elegant touch to any event. I also learned more about the business side of things. For example, did you know that helping out smaller businesses could help you in the long run? Many people don’t think about this because every business is always striving to be the best but help a business out and they’ll return the favor. –

One thing that was difficult for me was finding locations. So I realized for the future I need to learn my way around New York. Another thing that I found difficult but got better at as time progressed is the standing. When at these events if an event planner has to stay they must stand somewhere in a corner for quite some time, watching and making sure everything is going as planned.

During this experience, I learned how to better connect with people through eye contact and being relaxed. My dreams for the future for as long as I could remember have been to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in business then move to Florida. While in Florida I would take a one year course especially for event/wedding planning and while doing that I would also be planning events for family members, friends, etc. and making connections with local small businesses that I know I could rely on like an amazing bakery and flower shops. Eventually, I’d have a website up and customers while my business starts to grow and I could start hiring people to work for me. After all this, I hope I end up having my own space (hopefully a floor or two) in a building in Manhattan where my business would now run. This internship has helped me get a little bit closer to dreams by giving me some experience and knowledge I can now use in the long run.