BCCP at STAR is the largest program in our organization that provides middle school students with a comprehensive programmatic afterschool experience. We provide opportunities for youth to explore interests and creativity by creating safe, inspiring, interactive learning environments  to feel comfortable designing and building, sharing with peers, and making creative choices. We encourage our students to use their voices and engage in dialogue about issues that affect their daily lives and communities. Students are able to  develop critical thinking skills, and inter/intra personal awareness through the various activities we offer.  Our activities range from Academic support, Leadership Development,  Girls Who Code, NYU Langone Sex Ed classes, Video Game Design, Film and Photography, DIY Tech, Project Peace (Social Justice Projects), Dance, Health and Wellness ( including Sports tournaments), Art, Cheerleading, Maker, and Trips. 

What’s New

Evitch: After School Gaming

Evitch: After School Gaming is a text based game made in Twine. It was created for the Games 4 Change Student Challenge part of the “Resilience Through Games” theme. We selected it because it relates to what we do in our Gaming Class and the importance of connecting to people through any means, such as […]

Video Gaming

Video Gaming is a primarily student led activity facilitated by Mr. Arkadiusz.  Each session consists of Arcade Time where 2 roles are fulfilled by the students: Host and Order Keeper.  The host navigates the game through the menus, the settings, and assists new players.  The order keeper keeps track of who wants to play, who […]


Breaking is an activity that centers around the original dance of Hip-Hop Culture.  Popularized under “Breakdancing” it is also known as Bboying or Bgirling.  To avoid gendering the name under bboy/bgirl, we refer to it simply as “Breaking”.  Our instructor is bboy erock, a 3 time New York City champion and DYCD Step It Up […]