Shanza’s Internship: “Determination Creates Winners”

 My internship was interning at BCAL for the middle school program. During the internship I experienced many things. I learned a few things that I had never experienced before. Using the computers and software available I was able to learn laser cutting because of the software Rhino. Rhino is a 3D CAD modeling software  that allows one to accurately model designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing. I was taught by Kenny, one of the middle schoolers, who had previous knowledge. Kenny taught in a way where I was able to pick up fast how to have my control over the software. I used Rhino to sketch out Junkrat, a character from the console game Overwatch. For each part of Junkrat I had to zoom in and pinpoint dots that would form into lines and therefore would outline what I would want to be shown.  Junkrat had many details that needed to be outlined for the final piece to look rather spectacular. Therefore it took some time however in the end it was all worth it because after the laser cutter cut out the final piece it looked exactly like the image I had taken from google in the beginning. Therefore it was worth the effort.

 I also learned how to braid all thanks to Ms. Elizabeth. For the Artfest we made a rag rug where we took three pieces of fabric, tied a knot at one end and continued a braid from there. Elizabeth taught me that there will always be one in the middle and the fabric on the left would go over the middle and that would become the new middle piece. So on with the right piece that would go over the middle piece that was the left piece before. On and on this process would continue until there is no more fabric left. A knot at the end and the braid wouldn’t be able to untangle. Afterwards we took all the fabric braids from everyone who participated in the activity and put them around each other in a circle to form a rug.

 Another time was when Isabelle gave me the task to cut squares from poster paper to fit into the laser cutter.  Using a precision cutter Isabelle showed me how to cut the big posters and to be careful using the precision knife since it was very sharp. This was the most difficult task that I believe I had done, not because it was hard but more because it was confusing for me to make sure which side had to be the length and which side had to be the width. In the end I was able to finish even with the confusion I had inside of me. This goes to show me that when given a task try to make the best out of it because nothing can be perfect but it can be close to perfect. The squares I had cut were either the perfect size or a bit too big. However we were able to complete the project we were doing.

 I also enhanced my knowledge of Photoshop when I was making the flyer for the Artfest. With Elizabeth’s help I cut out pizzas and other images from Google to edit them in Photoshop. With those edited images I put them in places I felt would be appropriate. For me making the flyer was a fun experience because I got to be creative and express my own ideas for the flyer while still learning something new. I will take my knowledge of Photoshop forward in my life because maybe I want to take an elective in college that requires Photoshop to be known or just photoshop in general to be creative for projects that I am assigned by professors.

 I believe that by interning at BCAL I was introduced to not only new software but social practices as well — like how to properly address someone or how to confidently speak to someone.   I also learned to never rush anything or else it won’t come out the way you want and that patience is key when dealing with children younger than you. These are things that I will take forward with me.