BCCP@NUHS continues to thrive online. Our tight-knit community made the switch to remote learning quite quickly, continuing creative programming, hanging out, college guidance, academic support (including one-on-one tutoring), and internships, including QuaranTEEN Diaries, where our participants chronicle their experiences at home. Check them out on the BCCP Instagram (@welcometobccp)! We also have an intern designing a house and another writing a musical — and several teens have created and given power-point presentations on their countries of origin or cultural identities. We’ve been to Guyana and Bangladesh and the heights of U.S. multiculturalism. But perhaps the best has just been seeing each other and talking — and meeting cats, of course. We’re glad to be able to keep providing whatever support we can to our participants and their families, whether connecting folks to resources, liaising with school administration, working on geometry, or “traveling” the world together — and to also reap the benefits of the community our youth have built with us.