“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Community Comes First

It’s amazing how middle-school students think about themselves. Project Peace at IS291 Bushwick has designed an impactful curriculum which aims to provide students with an eclectic array of artistic mediums and approaches that allow them to express themselves in a creative and democratic manner.

Portrait of Kalief at IS291 - Bushwick, Brooklyn

Portrait of Kalief at IS291 – Bushwick, Brooklyn

Our initial phase of discovery consisted of getting to know students interests, expectations, and issues. Through a series of questions such as: What is a community? What does IS291 meant to you? How would describe Bushwick? We retrieved some of the most compelling answers and observations:

  • “I describe IS-291 Bushwick like a second home for me”
  • “Community for me means all things that are in nature or the block where you live… it’s to help the community.”
  • “Bushwick is a green bush that is so wicked lol.”

This first glimpse into the fascinating world of Bushwick middle-school students left the Project Peace with a valuable reflection: Bushwick teenagers are resilient, strong and creative individuals that clearly understand the needs of their community. Project Peace at IS291 Bushwick will continue to share these amazing stories and help to build a positive community. If you are interested in knowing more about BCCP’s programming and community work visit us at:www.welcometobccp.org. Share our stories and spread the love!