A long-standing program inside New Utrecht High School in Bensonhurst, BCCP@NUHS is a tight-knit, diverse community, an oasis inside the 4000-student school.  We focus on social-emotional growth, social justice, academic development, and college/career prep, through activities, conversations, tutoring, trips, and adventurous internships. Driven by a focus on youth leadership, participants take an active role in the program and create and lead activities with their peers. We focus as a community on co-creating a small, empowering space of belonging where participants can be and express themselves — and get involved in civic life and activism in the school and the city at large.  

What’s New


BCCP@NUHS continues to thrive online. Our tight-knit community made the switch to remote learning quite quickly, continuing creative programming, hanging out, college guidance, academic support (including one-on-one tutoring), and internships, including QuaranTEEN Diaries, where our participants chronicle their experiences at home. Check them out on the BCCP Instagram (@welcometobccp)! We also have an intern designing […]