Mouse Design League

Design League is a weekly design and technology program where high school students create inventions to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Students earn badges to list on their college applications and the program is endorsed by Parsons. The High School for Service and Learning at Erasmus is the first high school in Brooklyn to offer this program, joining other leagues in Manhattan, Bronx, Jersey City, and Minneapolis. The program culminates at Emoti-con where students present their invention to their peers, gaining access to professional opportunities while exploring their creative and technical identity. 

What’s New

Brooklyn Design League Starts Strong in 2020!

Brooklyn Design League is a tech and design extracurricular program for high schoolers that launched in January 2020. Since we have gone virtual, we have students from the High School of Service & Learning at Eramus, the Academy of College Prep at Erasmus, and New Utrecht High School and are open to more!    As […]