Happy Holidays from Project Peace @ IS291!

December is the month that prepares ourselves to slow down the routine, reflect on our hard work and look back at the challenges, victories, pitfalls and learning processes of the year. It is the time when it is almost inevitable to remember good experiences, learn about mistakes and get ready for the new adventures of the upcoming year… Bring it on, 2017!

We, the crew of Project Peace @ IS291 – Bushwick, want to make part of the ritual of sharing our gratefulness and satisfaction for all the good work and the great experiences that we had within our program. Why are we so proud? Well, because it has been such a productive and awesome semester. Teaching Artists, service learners, the art teachers and students built a meaningful community where relationships got stronger and stronger and where students engaged in creating astonishing and impactful artwork that voiced social and cultural identities, community, gender, race, social justice and social emotional learning, among others.

We have been busy from September up until now visioning, creating and crafting great projects. These are of the most

  • Our first “Community Agreement” when all the students had a chance to say if they wanted to be part of the community… Everyone said yes!
  • The “We Stand For” Challenge and how this project encouraged the students to get involved in one social topic and create a campaign to promote awareness and social change. The topics encompassed women’s rights, police brutality, racism, bullying, suicide, among others. The judges had a rough time selecting the winners and at the end, every group received a special recognition for the commitment and team work.
  •  The Cultural Mapping” and how it engaged students in thinking on their own territories (neighborhood, school, house, parks, stores, streets) and on their journeys throughout the city. This was a great chance for them to mark the places where they “always”, “sometimes” and “never” felt respected and safe.
  • Last but not least, “The Mask Project” where students participated from a two-stage project that consisted of making a plaster mask (using templates or their own faces), and decorating both sides (the inner and the outside) thinking about the emotions and versions of themselves that they show to others and what they keep to themselves.

We already have great ideas to develop next year so stay tuned and we will be happy to share more of our work and experiences.

Warm regards from our team and see you in 2017!!