Florence’s Internship review 2017

Hi my name is Florence Hariri. I am 14 and a participant in Brooklyn College Community Partnership’s Project Peace, an afterschool that allows us to do extra academic work plus art and social-justice activities. While there I also earned my internship at Maimonides hospital and Masbia soup kitchen/pantry.

At Maimonides Geriatric Office

At Maimonides I have improved my organization and filing skills. I also learned how to send faxes and archive old medical charts. What I found the most difficult was faxing because of how I would send the faxes back to the Maimonides office instead of the location I am suppose to. But at least on the bright side I memorized the fax number so that mistake would not end up happening again. Even with that certain struggle I learned a lot from what its like working in office: it isn’t just phone calls and schedule. They manage to help the doctor with the little or big jobs that they needed to be taken care of from progress notes to lab reports. All I know is that I enjoy the office environment but I am still not sure if it’s a workspace I want to continue on. In all, I know I will intern at Maimonides next year and improve even more towards being an office clerk — and maybe I will finally find faxing a lot easier.

At Masbia soup kitchen and pantry I learned my job there tends to switch off when the working environment there starts getting busier and busier. For example I could be either serving or waiting but most of the time I had to do both. What I found difficult is having to wait on the customers that don’t speak English or that are being difficult. In a way life isn’t fair or easy; non-English speakers are normal and most of times the other volunteers are able to translate so there aren’t any confusions. I can definitely understand not knowing English — I was that person seven years ago and I am still learning.

At Masbia during pantry day