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Misunderstanding (Anathasia Mfum)

I’m Misunderstood. 

People think I’m one way.

But I’m not.

People view one as a nuisance 
Because, I’m black. 

But I’m not.

People degrade my culture, my style, and the way I live.
Don’t know me, for who I really am, 

As they should... 

Because I don’t want to be another dead person,

Who was misunderstood.


Discrimination (Shontae Petrie)

We live in a society

Where there is a decline of equality/

Discrimination is everywhere

It instills dread and fear,

If I’m black, I’m ghetto

If I sag, I’m ghetto

If I live in the hood, I’m ghetto.

Well imma let y’all know,

Just because I’m black doesn’t

Mean I’m gonna abandon my baby.

Just because I’m black doesn’t

Mean I live in poverty.

I can live in the hoodest part of the hood.

Smoke the best weed

And be the blackest shade of black.

But that don’t mean I’m ghetto.

Three poems by M. Smith



Hands up no oppression

Isaiah 54 no man no weapon

Formed against this generation is

destined… for greatness.

But yet all around instead of love

I see hatred.

Man this is too complicated.

No one wants to be educated

We just a bunch of brilliant kids

who love being intoxicated, we ain’t ever motivated

This makes me angry.

Not only because we are the

best generation alive

But because we will never

know because this is year #305  

and we still strugglin with

mental apartheid.

No no, not white on black

Black on black

matter fact

light skin vs dark skin

since the adjectives when describing a

female is about who she looks

on about her melanin

Y’all mofos need to come back to reality

Where’s the individuality?

where are the people who said

forget the stars

I’m going for the galaxy

the people who go against the grain

and challenge society (breathe)

Birth of a Nation

They recognized Birth of a Nation

But it seems like we’re a generation of retardation.

Females live for the gram but

Ain’t go no education

And there’s no sign of liberation

Because our minds are still working the plantation.

Where’s the salvation?

When we try to get educated

It becomes a violation.

But no matter the situation we’re resilient.

And we will fix this Nation.


I got a question

Imma need ya’ll to answer with ya’ll honest opinion.


Every Black person is a thief and drug addict.

Every Spanish person is an immigrant.

Every Muslim is a terrorist.

Every Asian is a genius.

And finally every white person is perfect.

See the line in a country where mofos be stealing.

Stealing lives away from minorities.

Stealin’ sons, brothers, buddies, uncles away from families.

But mostly stealing culture.

So I guess it’s okay…

It’s okay to have shoes as long as the white girl is ethereal

It’s okay to love the Black lives matter movement just as long as you’re broke…Right?

So how long we gonna fight each other until we make it to heaven?

How long are you gonna walk around with a pride that you stole from someone else?

I’m here for peace not war

I’m rich in heart not poor.

I spread love

For anyone on any shore.

I have the courage to flight

On every night for what’s right.

Don’t judge me because I’m black

But by the content of my heart.

I’m here for peace not war

I’m rich in heart not poor.

I spread love

For anyone on any shore.

I have the courage to flight

On every night for what’s right.

Don’t judge me because I’m black

But by the content of my heart.

A Tale (Joshua Tolassingom, Richmond Johnson, Nazir Wilson, Neil Singh)

Two young men walked to the corner store and wanted to get two bacon-egg-and-cheeses and two Arizonas. Two police officers approached them and asked them if they had any drugs on them. Both of them said no, and then the cops searched them without asking for permission. When the two young men pushed the officers away, the police officers pepper sprayed them and then forcefully arrested them. The men cried and couldn’t breathe but the officers didn’t care, and so they suffocated to their deaths. Both of their families protested for the policemen to get jail time, but the court ruled for them to have probation off work and 190 hours of community service.

Two poems (Sydney Guntley, Anasthasia Mfum, Syed Wasif, Zaharyah Benyisrael, Bijou Pierre-Pierre)


I came to America,

For a better life,

Maybe a job, some children, and a future wife

But you wanna deport me, cuz I’m not white.

Y’all voted for this man,

So catch me while you can.

Because I’m not leaving

Or else my friends will be grieving.

Twenty-two years old Daniela,

Was arrested in Jackson, Mississippi.

Y’all want me to clean your hotels

And in exchange you won’t tell.

Immigration in the nation,

Campaign for deportation.

Hoppin’ the border that’s my temptation

Immigrants not just Mexicans, they can be from any nation.



Know Your Rights, Or Get Shot (Alexis Chance, Chanelle Gooden, Gerane Rosarion, Syed Wasif)

I don’t mean to be so vulgar,

But it’s the truth, is it not?

Do not run away

And do not resist

Cuz if you’re dead, you will be missed.

Show your ID,

And be polite,

Unless you wanna see the light.

Tell them you’re a citizen,

And show them the year,

Try to stay calm, and do not show fear.

If they invade your home,

Without documentation,

Look at them and say Wot ‘N’ Tarnation.

If you feel your rights have been violated,

Stay quiet or be annihilated.


Reflection (Anasthasia Mfum)

This painting says many things about myself. The sun represents how I am bubbly and happy. There’s also a brown sun on the bottom, which shows how I’m not always as happy as I seem to be, and sometimes I feel down. The laughing face shows how I’m always laughing and telling jokes. The flower represents how much I grew although there’s still time for improvement, hence why some of the leaves and parts of the flower are brown. The evil face emoji shows how sometimes I’m devious but goofy. The blue and red heart shows how I’m cold-hearted, but not fully. Lastly the squiggles represent my carefree mood, and how I’m free flowing.