Breaking is an activity that centers around the original dance of Hip-Hop Culture.  Popularized under “Breakdancing” it is also known as Bboying or Bgirling.  To avoid gendering the name under bboy/bgirl, we refer to it simply as “Breaking”.  Our instructor is bboy erock, a 3 time New York City champion and DYCD Step It Up 1st place team coach 2011.

The session includes warming up, working out, building bodily abilities, and of course learning the techniques of Breaking.  Students create a bboy, bgirl, or breaker name for themselves and sometimes form Crews.  If no specific crew is formed, we call ourselves BCCP STAR BREAKERS. During the course of the semester we also delve into other aspects of hip-hop culture, as they are inseparable and often compliment each other: Breaking(Dance & Movement), Graffiti(Writing or Visual Art), MCing(Rap, Spoken Word, and Singing), DJing(Music selection), and Knowledge (History, Politics, Social Justice).Our practice culminates in performances and battles.  They are sometimes themed and or purely showcase skills and entertainment.  We perform one to two times a year at the BCCP Artfest and battle at the BCCP STAR Open Mic and Basketball Toy Drive Fundraiser.