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Giving Voices to the Voiceless

This title is a direct quote from a conversation with Erasmus senior Dyamond Yeates. Mr. Yeates and the rest of the BCCP students of Erasmus decided to invade the streets of Flatbush avenue, and create a documentary of the bystanders that chose to speak up. The questions varied from “How did you feel about Beyonce’s […]

My Future Awaits

Upon entering the vicinity of Purchase University in Upstate NY, Cohen Alexis loudly states “My future awaits”. Just like Cohen, Purchase University was the first time many students from BCAL project peace visited a college outside of the city. Truthfully, this was also the first time many students visited a college campus that wasn’t Brooklyn […]

TeamWork makes the Dream Work

At Community Roots, when it comes to tutoring and homework help, our mantra is teamwork makes the dream work. The students usually dread doing their homeworks. They prefer to partake in all of the other fun activities such as robotics, studio, Maker lab, Visual Arts and etc… that BCCP continuously offer. However, homework help remain […]

Relax and Enjoy

Houlaimatou Ndiaye is a senior at Robeson High school. She says, “In life, one must carve out the necessary time to relax, and enjoy.” As the students of the program received their college application letters, Houlaimatou masterminded a celebration accordingly. The students brought in their native food, constructed a photo booth, provided music and games, […]

Focus and Acceptance

Ralph Martinez 10th Grade New Utrecht Going to this program is the best thing to happen. When joining you can get to meet new people learn from each each other. This program and my internship also helped you think your future by focusing on a career that you want to know about. There you can […]

New Career Pathways

Briannah Isaac 11th Grade New Utrecht When I first entered high school I was very excited to mature and to take on my future. Throughout freshman year I was disappointed, noticing that all those around me knew what they wanted to do with their life. Although back then, I thought that I was indecisive. I’m […]

Confidence Boosting at BCCP

Rashel Bazard 11th Grade, New Utrecht I first joined BCCP as an activity to do after school because it was recommended by a friend of mine. I can now see why she spoke so highly of it because it’s a great program. We got to work on so many different projects. These projects would help […]

Newfound Passions

Mary Abdelmassih, 9th Grade New Utrecht An internship is an opportunity. It is a chance to see the world and experience it as it really is. It is chance to express oneself through experience. It is a chance to put oneself out there, to feel the vibe of the world outside of studies. BCCP and […]