Community Roots

Community Roots Middle School is located at 50 Navy St in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Brooklyn College Community Partnership has been operating at Community Roots for the last seven years. A range of activities is offered that aim to not only spur or support students’ interests in the arts, sports, STEM or dance but to build leadership abilities, empathy and community empowerment within the student body. Longstanding activities at Community Roots include Project Peace, Theater and Stagecraft, Sports & Fitness, Dance and ArtSpeak, an eighth-grade elective focusing on identity, social justice, and art. The school’s sports teams include Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Track, and Co-ed Soccer. In recent years, we have partnered with Adobe, Google NEXT, and Artolution with intentions of showing students the intersections of art and technology. The after school program at Community Roots ultimately aims to provide an environment for students to think critically about their futures and develop into inquisitive, empathetic and confident young adults.