Tyrique’s Internship Reflection 2017: A star is born

Tyrique Curry

June 18Th, 2017



  My time at Project Peace was wonderful. There were a lot of new things I experienced throughout the months I’ve been there. However, there was some minor problems that came along. My internship was with Brooklyn Acts a non-profit organization. We were a community thing. What I did was simple, I was a play director and actor. My involvement with Brooklyn Acts was really outstanding. Especially when we made plays and did some fun activities. My whole entire experience was worth it. Brooklyn Acts also taught me a lot of things that would benefit me throughout life. I had learned a lot of amazing things throughout the internship. I learned to have self confidence and I have strong leadership. For example, I wrote a rap for Brooklyn Acts which really expressed myself and on the spot creativity. That activity for us to create on the spot while being challenged was a huge factor for me in gaining the ability to be more quick and for being better at creating this quickly. The difficult parts about the internship was getting the hours, the transportation especially late night, and having to go through so many obstacles just 

to get the money that you earned at the end. There was plenty of times when I wanted to give up but I kept going because I’m not a quitter and I didn’t want to let all my hard work go to waste. The things that I will take forward in my life is the things I learned from the internship. I also worked with kids at an after school program associated with Project Peace. That job also helped me better myself in challenging things. Like, my leadership and being able to be a great role model. The after school program also helped me to become more engaged in being around and helping kids. Without me going to Project Peace and Brooklyn Acts and the after school program I would’ve been taken some time to develop these characteristics. It gave me hope and courage to go and try new things that’s going to benefit me in the long run. Project Peace and the Brooklyn Acts internship really helped me become a better person.