Tyrique Curry “PRYSAFE Adventure”


My internship was all about keeping the community safe and spreading awareness to everyone. We would teach each other and the community about safe sex, consent, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and bullying. The program which is called PRYSAFE also kept kids/teens off the streets and out of trouble and to prepare and be aware of the future. PRYSAFE gave everybody an environment to be their self without any judgment and negative energy. This benefited a lot of people and mostly society because it reduces the chances of somebody getting bullied which can have an impact on somebody’s life. This matters because bullying can result in suicide, depression, and other health issues. Everybody is wonderful and unique in their way, and nobody should feel down on themselves for being who they are.

My experiences during the program process was a great feeling of being free and being away from negativity and come to positive energy. There were good times that created wonderful memories and friendships inside and outside of PRYSAFE. PRYSAFE made sure everybody had a wonderful experience every day without overdoing anything. You can go there upset or worried about something and the group will come together to make sure you’re doing okay and will help you overcome and get through anything.

  My learning experience was amazing throughout the internship. The group gathered a lot of valuable and helpful information that would help me through life, and people taught things that would assist me in the future. We were informed about STDs, the way it works, the way it is transmitted, how to avoid it, and who to go to about it. We were also guided through about different kinds of bullying and the outcomes of bullying, and how to manage money. PRYSAFE was a fun educational experience when we discussed how to play games that connected us.

I believe there was no difficulty in the group, however, there were some difficulties outside of it. For instance, getting there on time, traveling, and the amount of time we spent together on a regularly scheduled day. Sometimes we would only see each other for two hours a week, and that would affect my time for the internship hours. Also, the place for the program was quite far from where I would usually be but that wasn’t a major issue. Being in a neighborhood different from a neighborhood that you’re usually in was great. I got to see new places that I never saw or heard of, and I liked it. It opened up my eyes more to observe my surroundings and create moments with the new environment. Another good aspect of the internship was the community/neighborhood. Being in a neighborhood that I am not familiar with or never been around was interesting and the way we used it to benefit us in learning was amazing. I noticed that going to new places can increase your knowledge and your view on different things in life. The Bay Ridge area seemed cleaner and had nice people in the community, and there were no signs of violence on the blocks.

 What I will take forward in my life from the internship is the experience, the knowledge I gained, the friendships that were formed, and the positive energy received. Everything throughout the internship was valuable for people so therefore I would take everything forward with me and spread it to others in the future. I reflect that this was a great experience for an internship and that the group PRYSAFE is a number-one recommended internship to go. I see myself coming back to work with them and participate just for the love and enjoyment. The two years I’ve been attended BCCP helped me grow tremendously into a better person, and it’s not only mentally but physically and emotionally. I have learned to feel confident with myself around new people and new settings/environments. BCCP also helped me with my future so I can go away to college and try new things and be more out there in the world. It’s not only BCCP it’s all the internships I participated in too that also had a great impact on my learning experience and my path to become a better person.