Tyreek’s Internship review 2017

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     My internship was many different things, like working in a soup kitchen, working in my school library, working in the Brooklyn College office in New Utrecht, and working on the BCCP blog at New Utrecht high school. As a member of Brooklyn College Community Partnership, I went to different places for internship hours. A way I got internship hours was that I went to Brooklyn College every Saturday to help Ms. Isabel the person who runs a program at BCAL with middle school kids. However what I learned from this internship was that you have to take your time with kids that are at a very young age and you have to patients with children no matter how they behave. Another internship that I learned a lot from was from working at Masbia and what I learned from this internship is that other people are less fortunate than you and you have to accept what is given to you regardless of what it is. Also while I was at Masbia I realized how dirty it was and how unsanitary it was, but the people that work there are really polite and they are very responsible. Working in  a very dirty environment I feel that people should take pride in what they do and they should clean up the place. What this says about our society is that people who are less fortunate have to eat under these conditions. What should be done by this is more stricter health conditions and there should be more money and investment time into more soup kitchens because statistically there are millions basically billions of people starving on this earth and that should not be happening because if we have enough money to make weapons, build walls,and buildings and industries then we should have enough money to invest in making more soup kitchens and to have better health and eating conditions.

     Also when I was working in my school library it was pretty simple and it wasn’t that hard, all they asked me to do was organize some sections where the books were , push in chairs and sharpen pencils. However this can help me with my organization skills. Another thing I did as a way to get internship hours was that I helped one of the members in the program with her event which was a non profit event. And the event was for the kids and for women (even though there weren’t a lot of kids there). However the event was a success, and the way it was a success was because different organizations came together and they raised money for kids in difficult situations and they raised money by selling great drinks and good food. Also after the night was over she earned over 100 hours. conclusion while I was In this program I was a freelancer and I had to go to a lot of different places just so that I can get internship hours. Being a freelancer can be apart of a adults life because when adults work in certain situations you have to meet new people and you have to work with these certain people for a certain amount of time and then you meet people at your new job because you’re a freelancer. The pros of being a freelancer is that you get to experience new opportunities and you meet new people that can open new doors for you in life and you may meet someone that can change your life. The cons of being a freelancer is that you have to travel all over the place and the job that you have to do may be the job you honestly despise. Also sometimes you may have to work under conditions that really suck and you may have to work with people that are rude and disrespectful.

     What was difficult about doing the internship was that I never really had a steady internship, and I always had to go to different places just to get my internship hours. Also there would be times where I would go to Brooklyn college and help out Ms. Isabel with her middle schoolers and help them with different programs like the wood workshop, basketball and making sure they sign in and sign their name when they take a snack. It was also difficult because I play football and I have the dedication to both programs, however both programs take up a lot of time and at the time there was times where football practice would end really late and I would not be able to make it. What I learned about have various commitments was that I would have to tame care of my responsibilities that are important and that I would have to maintain a schedule to be able to take care of both of the commitments that I have signed up for. The organization I can take from this can be very effective in my adult/work life and I will be able to keep my  responsibilities and priorities in line and be able to handle my life in a organized matter. Another  difficult thing that was going on while I was doing this program was that I didn’t have the support that I needed and the cooperation from the people around me, and what I mean by that is that the people that I need to help me male time from this program didn’t help me and I had to put my own hours into this program. The kind of support that I needed to do this internship was  physical support and what I mean by this is that physical I had to get at early times and then I had to travel and then there would be times I wouldn’t have money and I would have to hop the turnstiles  just to get to my internship and to come back home I had to hop the turnstiles and a lot of the time I wouldn’t eat because my family was going through some things financial and I would go to internships without anything to eat. However my program director gives me metro cards so I can travel so that helps me so I don’t have to hop the turnstiles.

     What I will take from this in my life is good work ethic, good time management and how to write a resume. Also I learned how to plan out my day and how to do it time efficiently and I learned how to do things and speak to people that I did not want to speak to/do. What I learned about my self is that I have a good work ethic and thanks to playing football for 2 years going on 3 I can work for long periods of time at a fast pace. Also I have good organization skills and I know how to handle different office tasks that most people can’t do like making photo copies and managing files. What I need to improve on is my people skills and my patients with people because I have a temper when it come to dealing with people and I get upset fast.