<curated by Maham Qureshi>   DISCRIMINATION   Misunderstanding (Anathasia Mfum) I’m Misunderstood. People think I’m one way. But I’m not. People view one as a nuisance Because, I’m black. But I’m not. People degrade my culture, my style, and the way I live. Don’t know me, for who I really am, As they should…  Because […]

Middle School students from STAR visit a Gallery for a Print Show!

“This week on our Field Trip Mondays, we went to Ground Floor Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn to see a print show our teacher organized. We have learned about a printing technique called “Risography”. They are big printers, similar to what we have at school in the Copy Room. It was weird to see one […]


STAR MS Students produce a documentary based on setting life goals!

  Students at STAR middle school rung in the new year by interviewing peers and BCCP staff about goals. Students were asked to write a series of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals for their lives – anything from schoolwork to family life to anything in between. Goals were set for the next […]