Shanza’s Internship: “Determination Creates Winners”

 My internship was interning at BCAL for the middle school program. During the internship I experienced many things. I learned a few things that I had never experienced before. Using the computers and software available I was able to learn laser cutting because of the software Rhino. Rhino is a 3D CAD modeling software  that […]

TeamWork makes the Dream Work

At Community Roots, when it comes to tutoring and homework help, our mantra is teamwork makes the dream work. The students usually dread doing their homeworks. They prefer to partake in all of the other fun activities such as robotics, studio, Maker lab, Visual Arts and etc… that BCCP continuously offer. However, homework help remain […]

We’re in this league and we’re here to do greatness, by the end of the day they’ll remember our faces!

The title of this post is a quote by STAR student Malik Cain who got the team to chant it at their games.BCCP@STAR recently played Walt Whitman IS246 in the last game of the regular season of the NIKE League. Students received free shirts and shoes from Nike and played a four game season. BCCP […]