Senior Internship Reflections

Jessica Maida, 12th Grade New Utrecht

The benefits of an internship for a high school student are that it allows the students to develop professional skills beneficial to your future career. No matter what the student’s career ends up being in the future. Internships will provide personal and professional growth to help you prepare for working in the real world, and may also help you one day land your dream job in the near future after fully finishing college. By choosing to intern, you will demonstrate to the college admissions officers that you are proactive and serious about your future and also possess the skillset to be successful in their programs.

Interning provides you with invaluable resources. Once this student has done their internship they will be able to list what they’ve done on their resumes to help them get a leg up on any job they happen to apply to in the near future. The student can make industry connections that will last them for a lifetime. Interning is also a wonderful way to spend free time. This internship has helped me to become more of a well-rounded young adult by helping me learn things I might not have known before.

I was taught how to be a better team player and how develop my skills while working with the other people my age, which I’ve met while I was interning. I’ve also learned that every person is important to the development of everyone else. This internship for BCCP Project Peace has also taught me how to correctly write a resume for the future, what I should put down, and how I’m to properly word the resume to help myself to look more professional to possible future employers. This internship has taught me to act professionally when on an interview, the do’s and don’ts of how to act, and how my behavior will either help or hinder my chances of getting the job I have applied for.

Being in this program has helped me to open myself up, as well as participate in new experiences that I might not have been able to be a part before I was an intern For BCCP Project peace. If it weren’t for my wonderful supervisor Jonathan Diaz I wouldn’t be here right now writing this paragraph on how much interning here at New Utrecht High school for Project Peace has helped me to grow into the young work-force ready adult that I am now. I am proud to say that the experiences here have helped me overall to be become an even better person now then I was before.