Safe Spaces to Grow: Anaele’s Internship Review


Anaele Ngadi

An organization called PRYSAFE is a clinic where teens can go to learn about safe sex and also a safe environment where they can be tested for pregnancies or request condoms. I learned about many options available for birth control including an implant or a vaginal ring. I also learned that bullying in the LGBT community may start with kids but is also in the workplace for many adults. PRYSAFE is a judge-free space where everyone is accepted for who they are even if they aren’t sure who that is. My internship was social activism with my supervisor Una. Our task was to find a way to keep the environment safe from big companies trying to pollute it but also what we could do daily to help with global warming issues and the unsteady climate. We decided to clean beaches, organize protests at companies and spread awareness online to get people united against the problems going on in the world because the majority are man-made.

I experienced group discussions on topics I have never thought about such as companies polluting the earth to advance in technology while that is what kills the earth. All the toxins in the air the earth’s population will decrease rapidly. Learning many lessons also got me new friends from other schools that I still speak to today. PRYSAFE made us a family on the inside but we stayed close as friends on the outside. They gave us a place where we could say how we were feeling; they didn’t force us to discuss any issues but, as time went on we would all be open and honest about our day and what was on our minds; and as we spoke we realized we could relate to one another, which created a lasting bond between us as fellow interns. Our group was very reliable and trustworthy and at a young age created a type of bond we all needed since it is hard to come by in our daily lives.

Difficulties of my internship for social activism were mainly to create ideas on how to help the earth because to me it seemed like an impossible task. Over 7 billion people live on the earth and more are born each day. The world is struggling to hold itself together but no one reacts because it’s still here, people will wait to try and make a change when it’s too late but to me, one group of people couldn’t help the world. Later I realized we might not be able to fix the earth as a planet but we could start a change and create a chain reaction from people who care about the planet but it took me a lot of time to grasp that thought. At times we would only see each other for two hours a week, and that would make it hard to get the 45 hours needed for the internship. The group as a whole I had no difficulties with, we were a safe space where no answer was wrong which made it easy for me to speak my mind about topics I was confused about.

PRYSAFE is the definition of a real relationship that I will cherish and remember in my daily life because, if the relationships I have aren’t as reliable and trustworthy as the people I met there, they aren’t for me. The internship was memorable for me, so I will try to help others with the information PRYSAFE gave me. I reflect that this was an amazing experience for an internship, and I would love to go back to PRYSAFE and learn more from them while I can because they helped me grow to become a wiser person.
This is my first year at BCCP, and going helped me branch out as a person and meet people I’ve grown to care about who understand me, and without the program, I wouldn’t have these wonderful relationships. BCCP is also helping me with my goal of becoming a therapist by helping me keep all my grades at a high level to graduate and allowing me to go to places such as PRYSAFE that help me understand the field better and all it has to offer.