Newfound Passions

Mary Abdelmassih, 9th Grade New Utrecht

An internship is an opportunity. It is a chance to see the world and experience it as it really is. It is chance to express oneself through experience. It is a chance to put oneself out there, to feel the vibe of the world outside of studies. BCCP and my internship gave me the opportunity to put myself out there, to view things and learn from different points of view and to dig deep and find the inner me. I was able to explore my different talents in different ways.
For one, I explored my artistic talent in several ways. I painted a beast and I also used my artistic talent in our little theater type of activities. My mentor and teacher, Jonathan Diaz helped me to explore different artistic styles and dig deeper and really pick out a style that was true to the heart of the painting. He helped me explore different ideas when coming up with my project format, texture, dimensions etc. I was glad to have been able to reach in and pull out my inner actress and I did many things with it.

My mentor and teacher, Jeremy Goren helped me as I was exploring this part of me that had gotten rusty, because of lack of acknowledgement and use over the years. He helped me look at things in different views, from the painter/artist’s view to his experienced view, to a random bypasser’s view. It helped me to consider the variety in the audience for my art. Jeremy helped me unveil a part of me I had never seen before. Working on the little activities he prepared for us every week was, at first, very emotional. I had never seen this part of me and I was so impressed and speechless at the sight of my theatrical abilities. My family and culture frown upon art as a career so I never considered really working with such fields. But once I uncovered my love for theater, acting and art of all kinds, I was astonished at what was right under my nose all these years. How could I have let such wonderful things pass me without ever trying?!

I am very thankful to have been able to express myself and rid myself of this burden of not knowing all these wonderful things about art and theater. I currently see the aftermath of all these new enlightening things, as I am now more open to watching and learning theatrical performance, and have expanded my comfort zone. I was also able to express my inner writer when coming up with a description/poem for my painting of the beast. I love writing and leap at opportunities to express myself and my talent for writing in my work. Alas, this program comes to an end, yet my growing interest in these new hobbies and talents have served to make me a better person for myself and for those around me. I am eager to learn new activities and express my inner talents and hobbies more in the future with BCCP.