Movable Game Jam hosted by BCCP at BCAL!

On Saturday, 12/10/16, braving the coldest day of Winter thus far, participants flocked from all over NYC to experience the Games For Change Movable Game Jam at the Brooklyn College Art Lab in 301 Roosevelt Hall, hosted by BCCP as “a part of [the] G4C Student Challenge in New York City…inspired by Hive’s Movable Game Jam Initiative.”

There were REAL Scientists here from NASA & NOAA who showed us the basic difference between climate and weather, how to acknowledge the effect of human behavior on climate change, and a variety of ways they monitor the impact of certain events, natural and manmade. Take a look at the NASA GMAO Research site, where there are all kinds of Global Modeling simulators and prognosticators they are working on to best anticipate Climate changing events.  After the morning presentations participants were asked to form groups to gather their findings on different topics like”What is weather?” and “What is Ocean Acidification?” for a 2-minute presentation to the whole group of participants, teachers, informal educators, and parents.  We had a great day, and to top it off our BCCP Super Stars present Jabari C. from BCAL MS, and Jace, Ralph, and Brianne from NUHS, as a group, volunteered to start off the presentations!  GO BCCP!!!

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