Giving Voices to the Voiceless

This title is a direct quote from a conversation with Erasmus senior Dyamond Yeates. Mr. Yeates and the rest of the BCCP students of Erasmus decided to invade the streets of Flatbush avenue, and create a documentary of the bystanders that chose to speak up. The questions varied from “How did you feel about Beyonce’s superbowl halftime performance” to “What color lipstick are you most looking forward to”, “What are you doing for the “BlacklivesMatter movement” to “How do you feel about Donald Trump running for Presidency”. As expected, many individuals participated and offered a variety of answers. After hours of footage collected by the camera crew led by Jada Parchment, Dyamond, acting as the executive director utilized computer software to finalize the complete documentary. His goal was to provide the citizens of Flatbush an outlet to project their voice, and that he did, indeed.