Generation Z. Generation, Why? The Problems With My Generation, By Scarlet Eve Turco.

Credit: Conan Gray, Generation Why music video

All across the world, there are millions and billions of people. Different cultures, lifestyles, religions and way more. I see it. Many people do, yet people are so close-minded about what is going on in the world around us. In my generation, many of us are clueless. Their claims provide no evidence, their feelings are what is most important and when someone tells you the facts to your face, facts and truth don’t really…”exist.” They’re denied, and trapped in the back of a person’s mind. Why? Because of selfishness. The majority of my generation, in my area and my school, aren’t just selfish. They have no common sense, they’re rude, their minds are so different from mine. The fakeness that could lead a person on for years…the manipulation. It’s all around me to where sometimes I can’t take it. I can’t be around people, I have to run away from all of the gossip, from everyone’s problems. As crazy as it sounds, it’s fed to me. I hear it all to where my brain becomes jumbled with feelings that aren’t my own. I’m growing from myself, my person. Am I even a person anymore? Since I’m so different from everyone else, hearing this information and processing it makes me feel…alien-like. Like I’m not human compared to others that are so fake and close-minded. Although, I am more human than I say I am. I make mistakes, I crash, and I sure as hell fall to the ground. I’m not a perfect “alien”, and no one is. No one ever will be, as much as we want to be. We want to be like others yet branch away and evolve into our bubbles. Hooked to our cellphones, feeding into this self addiction because no one is around. Meaning, we’re distracted from the world around us. Even I can say that I’ve experienced the feeling of loss in the reality around me. Most of us have. This bubble you see is our brains sinking into this alternate reality of feed scrolling. Watching useless videos on how to do things that we will never use to benefit us in the real world. In our jobs, we won’t be watching cats fall off of tables and eating cat food in funny ways. This is what my generations minds indulge in, not what we do to survive.