From Interning to Teaching

Dominique Sealey, 11th Grade New Utrecht

My experience with my internship was great. It was better than I expected. I was a intern at an elementary school on Empire (CCW: Citizens of the World). I started it with the help of Jon through the BCCP program where we do a lot of fun things like art, poetry, debates, acting, and more every Tuesday and Thursday. I love the BCCP program. It’s truly a great program.
I was offered help with my school work and I was able to see how good I was at art and design. I was inspired to do more and get better. I was getting an amazing amount of help from Jon and Jeremy; they helped me a lot. At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do on the internships there were much to choose from but all I knew is that I wanted to help others. I quickly gained knowledge helping kids of CWC. Being given the opportunity to do an internship is a true gift. It’s a very beneficial thing to do. I get to help kids with their class work and their homework. They look up to me to be the leader and teach them or help them. I love little kids and this program gives me a chance to help them and also learn from my experience.

I’m thrilled to be in this program with lovely people like Jon and Jeremy who inspire me to aim high and achieve bigger and better. I learn from the kids and they learn from me. I love to help them with their work and I especially love when they ask me for advice. This internship to me is a very good way of giving kids like myself a great job experience. It shows us what is ahead what we must learn. We get to interact with people much older than us who are very skilled at their various tasks and talk and help people that are younger. I enjoy being a role model for the kids. They’re young and their minds are yet to be filled and it’s good that I can be a part of their daily lives.

By doing this internship I can say I truly gave back to the community because helping the future generation grow in knowledge is very important. Helping them teaching them and being a guide to them is very wise in the sense that they will grow and try to help others and let the good will be passed down from them to others. This internship built a foundation for me to now think ahead and give much thought into becoming a teacher. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I will always strive to achieve that goal. I have gained enough knowledge to pursue a career in teaching little kids helping and inspiring the little ones.