Forever Job Beginnings

James Brischetta, 9th Grade New Utrecht

Internships are best known as temporary positions in a field of work for one to gain experience in said field. However I like to imagine that internships are opportunities for aspiring people wishing to gain knowledge on their desired career. Internships, in the knowledge they give, educate people on their future work environment. It enlightens the interns with information on the workspace, their coworkers, and the hardships or great things to come in their future endeavors. Personally I would either like to work as a nurse practitioner or in entertainment. Choosing nurse practitioner for example, can help me see how work is like in the hospital, how the other nurses, my coworkers might act, and and help me to see if I even want to nurse practitioner job. Internships also benefit the intern’s resume. When looking for a job, your resume is a compiled list of all of your past experience. Internship makes this resume looks so much better to future bosses. Therefore I stand acknowledging the benefits of interning in how we can help me with my forever job