Cynthia’s Internship Reflection: Good Vibes

Cynthia Thornton


In my internship I have met this wonderful lady named Yana. She is very kind. She is an interactive arts person. She does plays and makes them into her own. She also does other types of shows. She does things like looking around in public and greeting people and trying to get them into whatever she is doing. She has a company called Calling All Parties.

Throughout the time of knowing her she has shared something’s about herself to me. I have learned that she is a Quaker. She told me about this because she had a light show for her Quakers. During the light show I met different people. We held up signs with lights. The lights formed words such as: love, live, peace, etc. It was very interesting. Everyone was so polite and happy. When i got there they welcomed me with open arms. I enjoyed seeing the lights on the signs. At first it was light outside so the lights didn’t shine so much. Once it got dark the lights popped and glimmered. It was such a  beautiful sight to see.  

I did research with Yana. I went on a list she made to find contact information for different organizations. It helped me learn how to look up contact information on different websites. At first, this was hard for me because I really did not know how to do research for things at all and I could not always find what I needed. As time passed by I got the hang of things and it became easier.

When I first started with Yana, things were difficult for me because I did not always understand the task that she wanted me to do. Therefore, I did not get much done. I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning because I didn’t really know her. As time grew, I got to know her a little better so it was easier to talk to her. With better communication, I understood more and could get things done.

We sometimes met at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. The first time we went there  spent about an hour looking for books of plays.  We had our hands full of books, so we went to put them on the table. Then we went back for more books. After we collected numerous books, we finally sat down. We skimmed through the books and found out what some of the plays were about. She then found some plays she wanted to make her own, which we then researched.

In the future I would like to use the skills I learned to research things. I have become better at finding the information I need. Before this internship I would just be lost when looking things up. Now I am better at doing those things. Yana also taught me that you have to do an excessive amount of research to do what you want to successfully. When making plays you have to make sure that it is not something that was recently in production or will be in production anytime soon because you want people to come see your show.

I did not complete enough hours with Yana, so I had to do some volunteer work. One day I volunteered at a park called Cypress Hills Playground at the Cypress Hills Community Center. There I met a guy named Gregory who was in charge of an event to fix up the place. He and other people went to pull weeds. He told me to sit at a table and greet people. He wanted to paint the playground, but there was terrible weather that day. It started raining cats and dogs. I ran under a tent they had set up and stood there for the rest of the time I spent there. The people I met there were extremely nice. Greg had a little dog named Smokey following him around. I felt bad for poor old Smokey when it started raining; he was shivering and cold because of it. When I was about to leave Greg asked his friend to drop me to the train station. I had no umbrella; so, she gave me hers. Going there was a wonderful experience because I got to meet great people.

During another day I spent nine hours at a soup kitchen. That was an interesting experience because I had never been to one before. When I first got there I was peeling and cutting carrots. While cutting carrots I ended up speaking to two graduates from my school. I also met this other high schooler named Fatma. She was very kind. She was interesting to talk to. After cutting carrots we set up the tables so we could prepare for people to start coming in. At that time I met a boy named Austin. He told me that he volunteered at this place for two years. When people started coming in, I fixed their plates. There were many different types of people coming into there. Some of these people did not speak much English. At first, I thought they were being rude, but Austin explained to me that some of the people that come in there know very little English. While I was serving the food I was talking to him most of the time. He made time pass by faster. Every time someone got up to leave they thanked us. It was a nice feeling to know that I have helped people throughout their day. Some of the people that come in there are homeless so they don’t get much to eat. It is nice to feed them a good meal while they are hungry.

I also did some volunteer with the social worker at my school. I did workshops with her. I helped her figure out some ideas on what to do or say in workshops and how to improve on them. I also went to her organization, Day One, to help them with ideas for a youth conference they were putting together.

Overall, I did many different tasks to finish my hours. I was late sometimes with Yana , which cut down some of my hours; as a result, I learned that I should be on time. It was an interesting experience. I got to meet new people. I learned that I like to help people; and, as I finish my internship and graduate high school, I wonder what could come next.

An event she took part in to make up the hours.