Confidence Boosting at BCCP

Rashel Bazard 11th Grade, New Utrecht

I first joined BCCP as an activity to do after school because it was recommended by a friend of mine. I can now see why she spoke so highly of it because it’s a great program. We got to work on so many different projects. These projects would help expand your creativity, and that’s one of the things I love about this program. Every contribution counts and it makes everyone feel like they’ve had a personal part on the finished product. Whether it was acting, painting, drawing, singing a song, or even playing a game to warm up, there was a part for everyone. Being left out or unheard is never a thing at BCCP.

Another thing about this program is that it helped me get more engaged in my school work. The service learners would try to do everything they can just to help you understand. Your homework became theirs and they would make sure that you absolutely knew what you were doing. Topics like math, which used to be so complicated to me, is now easier to understand. I also gained help on how to sign up for the SAT, and how to find and apply to the best fitting college.

Finally, the BCCP helped me learn important life lessons. I learned how to perfect a résumé and how to do great on an interview. When it came time for the interview for my community service site I was really confident because of the help from the BCCP mentors. Plus the community service looks really good on your résumé. At the site I have learned certain responsibilities on how to carry myself and have the patience to work with children. So it has really been a good learning experience and I’m happy I participated in the program this year. I will be looking forward to next year as well.