Career Changing: Yahairi’s Internship Review

During my time at Brooklyn College Community Partnership, I have met amazing people that have helped shape who I am and had the opportunity to intern at Brooklyn Youth Sport Club (BYSC) and the Phenomenal Girls Symposium. Throughout both of these internships, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge on what career path I want to take, even what college I might want to attend in the future. 

BYCS is an after school program for students from elementary to high school where I helped with homework and practice basketball drills. I interned Monday and Wednesday I was assigned to help students with their homework and make sure they did it. One day when I was doing my internship a man came in and told us he was there to help us students that were sophomores and juniors get a better understanding of how to apply to college and the differences between CUNY schools and SUNY schools. He also said how some colleges require an essay and that schools look at your GPA score or SAT score but that all depends on the college. I feel like they should include more sports drills in addition to basketball. They should also include something for the interns that don’t want to be part of the drills instead of them standing there, but overall I had a good time interning at BYCS. 

Phenomenal Girl Symposium was something that not only educated and empowered me but helped me remember every day that I’m beautiful, strong and can face any challenge the world throws at me. We did a lot of activities. We learned about self-esteem and self-confidence; they told us that we should plan our futures and have backup plans. At this Symposium there were speakers there to talk about their professions also how we girls can do anything we want as long as we work hard to get there.

 One out of the two speakers that stood out to me was Ms.Queen. Her remix of ‘“Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou inspired me to be confident and know I’m worth something in this world. Speaker number two that stood out to me was an Obstetrician and Gynecologist she spoke about what course we should take in college if we want to be a gynecologist and obstetrician. She also covered that we have to do residence which can take up to three to four years. She studied for 14 years to become an OBGYN though everyone studies for 10 at a minimum. I realized that day I did not want to be an OBGYN not because it doesn’t interest me but because I wanna do something that I can be passionate about every single day for the rest of my life. I’m more passionate about kids and they’re well being I wouldn’t change anything in how they run this program but I feel like it should be more than once a year.

Even though this was my first year at BCCP, I feel like not only matured over the course but have also learned that I wanna be both an MSN and a pediatrician and maybe a Nutritionist — but I’ll have time to decide that later. One thing that’s for sure: I will attend SUNY Downstate Medical Center to continue on my education and pursue my dreams in the medical field. During my time at BCCP and my internships, I have learned to stay true to me. I’ve learned that even though I have to grow up and mature I’ll still have that little shy but goofy girl inside of me. One thing I will take on with me in the future is that I am an amazing human being even if others don’t think so .