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BCCP means not only Brooklyn College Community Partnership, but also a place that taught me a lot through the course of one year.At the start of this vibrant year, I came to BCCP in hopes of getting an internship, however I was told that there were not enough seats for everyone, therefore I was not […]

Neil’s Internship Review

Neil Singh   Ever since the first day I started working at the Queens Zoo I knew it would challenge me in ways that I’ve never been before. Although the challenges were very hard I was surrounded by wonderful people which made my experience a blast. Out of all the internships I could’ve done I’m […]

Florence’s Internship review 2017

Hi my name is Florence Hariri. I am 14 and a participant in Brooklyn College Community Partnership’s Project Peace, an afterschool that allows us to do extra academic work plus art and social-justice activities. While there I also earned my internship at Maimonides hospital and Masbia soup kitchen/pantry. At Maimonides I have improved my organization […]

Cynthia’s Internship Reflection: Good Vibes

Cynthia Thornton   In my internship I have met this wonderful lady named Yana. She is very kind. She is an interactive arts person. She does plays and makes them into her own. She also does other types of shows. She does things like looking around in public and greeting people and trying to get […]

Anastasia’s Internship Reflection

  Anasthasia Mfum During my year at BCAL, I had many memories and opportunities. One of them was an internship. My internship was with a unique company called Hyphen Labs who mainly focused on neurospeculative afrofeminism. This had to do with especially women of color in society and how we are treated. My supervisors for […]

Tyrique’s Internship Reflection 2017: A star is born

Tyrique Curry June 18Th, 2017       My time at Project Peace was wonderful. There were a lot of new things I experienced throughout the months I’ve been there. However, there was some minor problems that came along. My internship was with Brooklyn Acts a non-profit organization. We were a community thing. What I did […]