• "I went to BCCP every week because it gave me something interesting and productive to do after school. I am now 23 and I am a python consultant at Bank of America Merrill Lynch."

    – Josiah Wilkins former BCCP student, Brooklyn College Academy graduate and Brooklyn College graduate

  • "BCCP changed the way I look at life. This organization allowed me to see some real injustice that is going on in the real world, but also right here in Brooklyn. It also allowed me to see the really importance of higher education. It is more than art work, after school programs, and higher education, it is about young people have the power to define their journey."

    — Lateef Wearien, former BCCP student, Erasmus Hall graduate, and current SUNY Plattsburgh senior

  • "I came back to BCCP every week because it was a creative and supportive space. BCAL made me feel accepted. BCAL gave me the space and tools that I needed to excel at my craft."

    — Yvesnee JeanAime, Midwood HS graduate, Brooklyn College senior

is a leading youth development
organization that serves over 1500+ Brooklyn youth each year. Since 1994, BCCP has created networks of educational innovation that connect under- served youth, local middle and high schools…


Generation Z. Generation, Why? The Problems With My Generation, By Scarlet Eve Turco.

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